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Tomas Rubio

Tomas Rubio brings expertise in financial management and management of non-profit foundation start-ups to ATB Management Group, Inc. His experience as player personnel assistant with the University of Miami football program served asan impetus to manage and mentor professional athletes.

Tomas has an advantageous amount experience in talent and player development along with coaching at the collegiate and interscholastic level. He will create and implement individual development plans to ensure athletes’ needs are addressed and met as they relate to on and off the fields personal goals.

Tomas’ primary focus for clients is post-career financial security while continuing to capitalize on endorsements and business ventures..

With experience in community outreach, Tomas has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge with creating non-profit foundations for clients and the communities they choose to serve.

A native of Fall River, Massachusetts, Tomas is a graduate of Bridgewater State University with a degree in Physical Education. He also holds a Master’s degree in Sports Administration from the University of Miami.

Tomas continues to volunteer mentoring youth in his hometown.

Tomas currently resides in Miami, Florida

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