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Rob Kremer

EVP of Client Services

Rob Kremer currently serves as the EVP of Client Services. He is an innovative, results-oriented marketing & communications professional with 25 years of experience. As the Executive Vice President of Client Services at CO&P, he develops and implements successful programs and campaigns that generate massive media results and awareness, as well as handling crisis communication issues. His portfolio of sports business, entertainment and athlete clients have appeared in every major media outlet, including the ESPN Car Wash, Today Show, CNN, FOX, The View, Extra, and dozens more. Other roles include serving as the Public Relations Manager at both The Coca-Cola Company and Aetna US Heathcare, along with agency work. Based in Atlanta, Rob is a graduate of the Henry W. Grady School of Journalism at the University of Georgia.

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Armica Nabaa

Armica Nabaa is the CEO of ATB Management Group, Inc. Her unique approach allows her clients to concentrate on their respected sport and pursue excellence on and off the field.

Tamika McDonald

Tamika McDonald currently serves as Chief Operating Officer and Lifestyle Manager. While working in the entertainment field, she managed the lives of television executives, actors, comedians and busy professionals.

Tomas Rubio

Tomas Rubio brings expertise in financial management and management of non-profit foundation start-ups to ATB Management Group, Inc

Eric Leon

Eric’s primary goal as sports manager is to assist clients, bridging their native language with their respective professional and personal constituents.